Kerri is a beauty therapist in Morzine. She has a fully equipped salon 5 minutes walk from Chalet Morzine, has been in our valley for eleven years, and is one of the bubbliest, chattiest people you will meet. We challenge you to go to her and not return with a smile on your face!

What made you want to become a beauty therapist?

I was a beauty therapist before coming here, but as far as Morzine goes, it chose me! I was a beauty therapist on a cruise ship, and went skiing in Slovenia for two days and laughed and laughed and laughed… So after that my plan was to go skiing on holiday, I was super young and looking for my next adventure after returning from the cruise ship so applied for a few jobs and got one here!

And what made you stay?

I loved Morzine from the minute I arrived. That year there was tons of snow, and next to the slushy snow I’d seen back home I felt like I’d stepped into my own winter wonderland. I also met my partner, Justin, a few days after arriving and we are still together now. We both love the mountains and being outside and have bought a beautiful little house a bit further down the valley from Morzine.

What is your favourite treatment?

Massage, because it’s truly different every time. I really have to think about what I am doing and adapt to what each client needs. But this is also what I love about the job, it’s so varied and I get to meet so many people. I have spoken to 7 people a day for 7 years, that’s a lot of interesting conversations!

Who’s the most famous person you have ever massaged?

Well, luckily, as they say never meet your heroes, I once massaged Bradley Wiggins but as I’m not really a cycling fan I had no idea who he was!

What is the thing that people say the most after a treatment?

That was fab, when can I get another one? People usually come for something nice, a treat so however they arrive one of the nicest things is that they leave happy. 

Where do you like to ski when you get a day off?

Le Fornet area in Avoriaz. There’s a super wide blue which has steep areas followed by flat sections so you can really cruise along but know there are bits where you can shave off a bit of speed. When I first arrived and I didn’t really know anyone I spent a birthday here, it’s one of my favourites.

Favourite bar for Après ski?

It changes all the time, I have been here for 11 years. So currently, and not of much use to anyone, it’s my bath! I guess if you were staying at Chalet Morzine you could use the hot tub!

If you could start over again, what job would you do?

Fantasy land, I would love to be a TV presenter. I used to interview my siblings and watch Donna Air and I wanted to be her! But in real life, I would do exactly what I’m doing now, I adore it. 

You can go and see Kerri at her salon or, as guests of Chalet Morzine, she will come to you (minimum 3 hours treatment time).