Could you run 170km in one go?

Not something many would even contemplate, but can you believe that Thierry is bonkers enough to be taking this on again in 2025? Already working towards collecting running ‘stones’ for the UTMB in 2025, here he tells us why he is doing this, and why Morzine makes the perfect training ground. 

Are you nuts?

A bit. But I think you need to be to start a race which means missing at least one night’s sleep, likely two. 

What is the UTMB?

A race around Mont Blanc in the summer. Some people also hike this route, which is probably more sensible. 

What will you eat?

The feed stations are good, and I am lucky I will have Lindsey following me with cereal bars, extra clothing and to tell me to keep going when I get a bit delirious!

How do you plan for this?

I run. A lot! From the chalet, I have lots of options, including my usual trail which takes in the winter office of Pleney, Nyon, and the Joux Plane. Some people have spreadsheets with estimated times of arrival at set points, my plan is more back of a fag packet!

Do you take a map when you run in Morzine?

A what? There are some signs, but I prefer learning by getting lost! I still find new trails even after all my years as a ski instructor!

Do you go anywhere else to train?

Nope! Morzine is quieter than some other areas for trail running, although you do see other runners out on the trails from time to time and now there is even a Morzine running club! The trails are well sign-posted and they are spread across the whole Portes-du-Soleil resort. 

Do you worry about injury?

No point. If I get injured I will take time to recover, and then my body will adapt and I will start running again. 

What will you do when you’ve finished it again?

Eat a lot, sleep a lot, then start dreaming about next year’s ski season!

If you’d like to read more about trail running in Morzine, head to our trail running web pages, or get in touch to talk to Thierry about it.