Fancy something a little different on your next ski holiday?

Just before the super busy season kicked, we headed off on a Fondue Friday with Viv, our local walking guide. This is what we learned…


It’s good to be a tourist where you live. 

I learned what an alpeage is, what trails are left by animals that only become apparent when the snow melts, and where Pointe PercĂ©e is! 

Fondue is not just cheese

Far from it, the added garlic, wine (!), a lovely spice mix and let’s not forget the gherkins! 

Fondue is more than one cheese

Our mix was an abondance, gruyere (for the string) and another local one I already can’t remember the name of. It was utterly delicious!

Going on a snowshoe walk supports the local community

As well as supporting Viv, who takes out groups of walkers on ‘public’ and private walks, she and her husband Jason use local farms and produce, making stops at local restaurants as part of the walks. 

You make new friends

I met a lovely Dutch woman who has been coming to the area for 20 years. Originally a Brit, we switched stories about the red tape involved in gaining citizenship abroad and the trials and tribulations of learning a new culture and language

You see the resort from a completely different perspective

We headed up to an area called Encrenaz, which I thought I knew well. In reality I have hiked or skied up (yes!) to the Col de Ratti or Mont Chery many a time, but Viv still managed to take us off the beaten track to a view I hadn’t seen before. 

All in all this was a lovely way to spend a few hours, and it gave me a break from skiing in the main resort. I would highly recommend it if you’re not skiing on your winter holiday in Morzine. Get in touch if you would like to know more.