A day at Lake Montriond. 

It’s not long now until we start getting emails from the gym about getting our bodies ready for summer. Yikes! We’re thinking less about beach bodies, and more about whiling away entire days by Lake Montriond. If you haven’t been up yet, here’s an idea of how we spend a day up there to get you motivated for summer. 

Hike up there early

Leaving the chalet, it’s possible to walk through town, down to the Dereches River Path, through Montriond, and then up the hill to the lake. Sit back and read a book while the runners do their lap of the lake, the anglers pack up, and families start to arrive for the day. 

Pack a picnic

Not everyone wants to walk, and as there is parking up at the lake, smaller and less willing legs could be in charge of bringing along the picnic hamper, snacks and water. 

Get out on the lake

Lake Montriond is the second largest lake in the region after Lake Annecy, so if you want to find some peace, rent a paddle board or a kayak and head for the middle of the lake.

Head for a big swim (or a paddle)!

Swim from one side of the lake to the other for another good workout! The picnic police might have to watch you after this one though, you’ll be hungry! For smaller legs, just enjoy paddling – you can make the challenge as big or small as you like. 

Go and see the marvellous Cascade de Ardent

A short hike through the forest up from the lake you will find the Cascade de Ardent. In the summer you will often see people practising acrobatics on a tight rope hung from the bridge. A spectator sport only, in my view!

Head for Ice Cream

There is a choice of restaurants or the little shack. No one needs to go an entire day without ice cream!

Explore the playground

Montriond has a small children’s play area with swings and slides to keep young minds busy. 

Hike back all or part way. 

If you’re not too tired, take the bus back part of the way and walk the rest back to the chalet before jumping in the hot tub for recovery. Amen. 

Top tip for keeping refreshed:

Between the first car park and the Hotel du Lac there is a freshwater pump, use it to ensure you keep hydrated throughout the day. 

I don’t know about you, but that’s enough for me to be wishing away the days until summer is here! As always, get in touch if you’d like to know more.